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Midwifery Care in the Comfort of Your Home 

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) providing family friendly, woman focused care in the DMV area. 

Servicios de Obstetricia y 


en su casa 

Prenatal Care


I serve woman where they are; families and loved ones included! Expect concierge level prenatal services in the comfort of your home. Choosing a single practitioner to care for you ensures the highest level of safe, individualized care. 

Labor and Birth


Being invited into the home of a client for the birth of a child is a great honor. I reciprocate that invitation by ensuring a supportive, evidence based, and safe presence for the families I serve.  

Postpartum Care


Expect amazing care to continue into the 4th trimester! Your maternity package includes multiple home visits during the first six weeks after giving birth. These visits include exams for mom, breastfeeding support, and new parenting guidance. 

Family Planning


Need guidance in planning for your future family? Preconception counseling, and preliminary fertility testing offered. Natural cycle monitoring consultations, non-hormonal, and hormonal options for birth control are available. 

Pregnancy Tele-Consulting


Have questions regarding pregnancy care options, hospitals or which childbirth classes might work best for you? 

Tele-consulting available for your pregnancy/new parent questions from a certified nurse-midwife.

Well Woman Visits


Individualized annual exams at home for woman from puberty to menopause. Cervical cancer screenings to mammogram referral available! First moon counseling/prep, premarital visits, and gynecological health promoting counseling visits welcome. 

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